About the family!

With the oversaturation of the same anime designs (over and over) all over the internet, our brand dares to bring our own styles to the anime series we love. We bring extremely high quality, true heavyweight clothing to our customers, so they feel the value of their purchases. On average our clothes are 60GMS heavier than out "heavyweight clothing" competitors. We want out customers to feel appreciated, this is a place where you belong. Join the family!




About the creator!

Just a person from NYC who loves anime, fashion, and everything in between. Growing up I worked many jobs trying to find a place I belonged, until it came to me. Watching Anime and reading Manga I found my safe place. Back in the day you were bullied for watching anime, and being different. Now that its mainstream I realize that everyone just wants a place to belong. I want to show the love we have for anime and also love other things. Lets break the boundaries and expand our family!